I see where a soul is at, where it wants to go, and what is blocking it from getting there. With 20+ years and over 10,000 hours of mastery in understanding how this world works on a physical and energetic level, I know how to see through the human chaos and get a soul connected to its true path the quickest way possible. I help drastically change people's roadblocks in life and bring clarity to be able to move forward with incredible outcomes. I mix the spiritual with practical, so everything feels tangible, unlocking your true path, what I like to call your GOLDEN TIMELINE, We live in a world that scientifically makes it impossible to see, until now

Meet Valerie.


Since the first day she can remember, Valerie read the energy of people, situations, and objects like a book. She had the ability to see through all the human chaos and hone in on what truly mattered to a soul or situation. With this knowledge, she still started her own journey of self-discovery. It was not easy and she found herself hitting roadblock after roadblock when trying to integrate what she knew to be true, into a world that often felt like it rejected every piece of it, as if she had the wrong program for this world. She knew there had to be a better way to live for herself and others and she was determined to find out how because, "this couldn't be what life was supposed to be like". She knew the 'programs' she could see & feel had to fit this physical world, but needed to find out how. 

From healing her timeline and through her spiritual journey, it was here that all the pieces started to line up. The 'programs' she was always connected to started to integrate and make more sense. There was a better way to live and she knew she was holding that within her. It became her soul's mission to get it out there and share with others. She instantly opened her private session business and it took off. 

Valerie has 20+ years, and over 10,000 hours, of mastery in helping souls live a life that makes the outside world feel like it complements the person, showing souls it was perfectly made for them. Connecting people to a real true self-acceptance that one will never find in the physical and making life, in all areas, truly count is Valerie’s expertise. 

“This is a connection to your deeper 'system' and we live in a world that scientifically makes it impossible to see, until now”  

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